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James A Crawford

Hi, I am James (Jim) Crawford. Thank you for your interest.

Sr Staff positions at Hughes, TRW, Linkabit. Author: Advanced Phase-Lock Techniques, 2008. Frequency Synthesizer Design Handbook, 1994. Consultant: Hughes, Hughes Network Systems, Linkabit, L-3, Synetcom Digital, Connexant, PPI, Beceem, Caly Networks, others. Co-Founder: Magis Networks. Senior Fellow at Sequoia Communications. Head, Frequency Sources Group, Hughes Aircraft Co.

James A Crawford's Background

James A Crawford's Experience

Senior Fellow at Sequoia Communications

2006 - 2008

Co-founder & CTO at Magis Networks

1999 - 2003

Consultant at Hughes Network Systems

1994 - 1998

Consultant at Pacific Communications Sciences, Inc (PCSI)

1993 - 1996

Consultant at PCSI, HNS, L-3, Titan

1993 - 1995

Staff Engineer at Linkabit

August 1987 - 1990

Satellite communications primarily. Home of Viterbi and Jacobs before founding Qualcomm.

Senior Staff Engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company

1978 - 1985

Managing Partner at AM1 LLC

March 2002

Wire / wireless communication systems design; RFIC architect

James A Crawford's Education



University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Concentration: Electrical Engineering / Mathematics

James A Crawford's Interests & Activities

Astronomy, telescope making, digital photography, amateur radio, hiking

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